International Climate Action Day – Brussels

The 8th of December, International Climate Action Day. For weeks it was the talk of the town. Are you gonna be there? Why aren’t you gonna be there? There were pro’s and contra’s. Balanced and shit.
And then there was this railwaystrike. People who were planning to come, decided not to come at all. People got stuck somewhere in the lovely countryside of Belgium. People had to take the car to get to Brussels. Loads and loads of Greens took the car. Thank God they carpooled. But it was quite weird. Taking the car on Climate Action Day to take part in a march. Weird, funny, disturbing, shit. But hey, not everybody could have the brains like me and come to Brussels the day before ^^. And that was it.
Considering the railwaystrike there were still about 3000 participants in the March. The unions, Oxfam, the Greens, little leftish shitfaces, studentgroups, enviromentalists, … . Everybody that had to be there was there. In the rain.
As for a fact, the climate doesn’t love us. The whole march it was raining. Not the pouring kind. But always that little bit of raining. That soakes you to the bone after a while.
But! The march was nice. 3000 people, some of them transformed by magic into polarbears and pinguins, walking through Brussels. We should do this more often. Without the rain and without the strikes. Maybe next time we’ll have 10.000 people marching through this European capital we call our new home. Ensemble pour le climat.


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