La Belgique? La Wallonie? La Flandres? Independant?

Where’s Belgium headed? Will we split up? Shall we be divided? In 2 parts? In 3 part? What going on in fooksake?

It has been over 100 days that the christian-democrats, the liberals and some nationalistic elements are trying to form a government. Or desperatly not trying to form a government. It’s just a matter op different perspectives.
It has been a total mess. I just can’t believe how people that preached ‘good government’ in the electioncampaign, people who said they would all do it better than before, could leave this country without a secure government. It’s kinda hard to believe that the parliament is ‘working’, but there’s not a government to decide on certain issues. How could they let that happen. Just because of some stupid defederalisations. It’s fooked. It’s more fooked cause suddenly people are more and more talking about dividing the country. Like that is going to be a thing that can resolve every problem that the Belgian regions are facing.

I consider myself a true ‘Belgicist’. I totally adore Belgium. I bitch a lot about it. But hey, I have to bitch about something, right?
But again, I love Belgium. It’s nice to speak 3 different languages in one country. It’s heaven to drink Belgian beer (not Flemish or Walloon hey!) on a terrace in fooking Barcelona and be proud at it. It’s mindbobling to distribute Belgian chocolate on European seminars and brag about it. Hey, it’s even cool to sing ‘ we’re from pretty, pretty Belgium’ in the middle of Krakow. I would never sing ‘we’re from pretty, pretty Flanders’. If that has to be the case than that is reason enough, for me, to migrate to another country.

Does this sound too corny for you?
Okay then! What about Belgium in the European Union? We’re headed to a federal Europe ( my hope and my wish) where hopefully solidarity will be one of the keys for suceeding in it. And Flanders doesn’t want to be solidair with fooking Wallonie? Flemish don’t want to be solidair with a region we formed a country with for the past 175 years? A region that supported Flanders when fooking Flanders needed it. Go check your history, fooking separist stupid cows!

I don’t think there is a real problem between Flanders, Wallonie and Brussels. It’s just the politicians who make the problems, who create images of enemies, just to get more votes.
And how’s that helping having a government for the people?


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