Krakow – the last night – the thank you’s

I’ve got like loads of work to do but since i’m in Krakow and my emotions are totally fooked-up; here’s a thank youlist. Because there are a lot of people to thank. They mae this seminar a seminar never to forget. It was beautiful and that’s because of folowing people.

Benna and Maja: Off course i have to start with the Maltese It’s just like that. I’m so happy that is saw Benna back after Strasbourg and I’m totally excited that i met Maja for the first time. I’m rather sure that we’ll see eachother very soon again. Maltese women, for sure, have aplace in my heart. It was just a bit sad that Maria wasn’t here. She would have totally rocked.

Ismayil: Apparently, people have told me, that at first it looked like i didn’t like Ismayel at all. For that i’m very sorry because i really didn’t. He really has found a place in my heart and that place will forever be open for him. I recognice so much in him that was also the case for me. Bit weird and stuff.

Trina: I really have to say that i love Trina. A girl that can be that open. How can somebody not love her? I really appreciated her openniss. It made that i was totally relaxed at this seminar. A bit too much relaxed maybe ^^.

What can I say about my little sister? That se is totally nuts and i totally adore her. We both have to miss a few important people in our lives and that makes that we have this unbelieveble connection. I really can’t understand how her name still isn’t tatoed on my heart.

Gulin: My darling Gulin. Anther siter from the sisterhood. She will also have a place in my heart till the end of times. I can’t wait till i can go to Turkey and see her again. It was so heartwarming that only a few months after Strasbourg we met again. I’m so happy for that.

Bruno: For fooksake! I’ve never met a frog this nuts! And i totally like it!

Beatrice: For as much i was chocked when she first used the word Degenerate to discribe a certain group of bitches, that much do i adore that Irish biatch. There’s nobody who can be as dry as her ^^. Or wet, depending on who she is kissing ^^.

Marina, Gordan, Charlotte and Judith: The relaxed prepteammembers and the coördinator! The ones who toally relaxedn when i apeared, finally after being late for 3 days. Thanks for being this concerned about me, but a Battal never dies. Like they say in fooking Flanders: onkruid vergaat niet.
It was nice working with you all.

Marc: It was so nice to have him here. It was kinda relaxing to hear him speak. What normal people tell in 1à sentences he does in one very very very long one. Relaxing or sleepy? Hay no! It was great to hear the Spanish english… for it is an experience that everybody would have to go through for some mental/ intelectual challenges.

Liesbeth: België boven!

Horia: I couldn’t pronounce his name untill the last day, but hey! the man who gave us the Whoria! is a wonderfull human being. Just because off that word! Let’s all praise Horia!

Off course there were others here is Krakow present but these people meant and will be meaning a lot to me. In some kind of a way. So please don’t be offended if you are not in the list. Perhaps i just forgot you… with my bad memory and all.


3 responses to “Krakow – the last night – the thank you’s

  1. ahhh battal.. how to reply, how to comment, how to say “thank you too?”

    It was sth so deep what we had in f.cking krakow… It is so difficult to explain but it was liek after leaving my friends, my first trip… everyone had sth from me, sth to reming my friends… ahhh battal; when I hug you, I huged many more!… You are in my heart, nevechange your place!

    dont forget that you have home, family here in zaragoza and our door is always open! just come and let´s hug again!

    I love you!

    I really love you!

    thank u let me take you in my heart!

  2. Battal! Thank you, am so touched – despite you calling me a biatch haha! You definitely made this seminar memorable for me also, when you finally arrived, so thank you for that. Take care, love B

  3. Honey,
    Thank YOU. I had heard so much about you but nothing came close to meeting you in person. The MBs are honoured to have you as their Queen 😛
    You’ve promised to visit Malta in the near future (just put it on the FYEG tab! lol) so you’d better hold on to your end of the bargain. This is the
    Miss youuuu!
    -M.S 😀

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