Ow Turkey (day two written on April 30)

It was quiet a night yesterday.
When my bus arrived at the busstation in Izmir I was a bit surprised.

I was thinking about arriving at the old busstation. I couldn’t remember the new one, allthough I had been there many times before. The hotel was also a problem. I was thinking about staying in a hotel I had stayed in a few years before, but it was gone. There stood a whole new building, so I had to go look for another one. Fortunatly I found one and when I dumped my luggage there I could continue to my aunts house.
It was allready over 9 o’clock when I arrived at my aunts place. And still the house was crowded. It seemed to me that all my relatives, that were living in Izmir, were there. So it took me ages to get near to my aunt because I had to kiss a million hands.
But the moment I reached my aunt I will never forget.
My aunt was lying in bed so I kneeled and kissed her hand.
My aunt got a bit up and layed her arms around me and then she started crying. Ofcourse I couldn’t help myself and I started crying too.
What followed was a few hours where I had to tell everything what was happened to me for the last 5 years. What was going on? How school was? etc.
It was hard to co this all in Turkish and on an empty stomach. Happily my niece brought lots and lots of delicious turkish food so that I could eat ^^.
But the times I tripped over my tongue were nonetheless countless.

When I finished talking and my aunt had no more questions to ask, she said: ‘Oglum, hep oglum olacaksin, ne olursa olsun.’
This filled me up with so much love and warmth, but then it was also time to go. It was allready after midnight.
And now after finishing this I am going back ^^


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