Turkiyem… Vay Turkiyem

It’s kinda weird. I haven’t seen the news in a whole fooking week.
But now back in Belgium, the first thing I did was to go and visit the blog of a Belgian journalist in Turkey.
Kinda weird isn’t it? 😀

And so I read that Turkish people came out into the streets of Ankara to demonstrate against Erdogan becoming the next president of Turkey.
The number of people who came out into the streets are variable, for the source they are coming.
They say between 150.000 and 1.000.000… what a difference no?

I just hope that bastard never gets the chance to become president.
In my eyes… Turkey doesn’t need fooking conservatism… but it needs progressive thoughts to have a bright and glooming futyure for all her inhabitants.
Away with those fooking corrupt, sefcentered, conservative and negative idiots.

Gone with Erdogan ^^


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