I’ve been tagged

My dear and beloved friend Mark has tagged me…
I love you my dear friend… but sometimes you get me on my nerve with your stupid and crazy ideas…
But how! you talked me into this…
so here are 5 things not many people know about me:

1) I’m a bastard. Really I am ^^
My Parents never married and the first few months after my birth my name was Battal De Plecker (sometimes I still thank God that My father gave me his name ^^, but that’s not often)
So I’m a real bastard.

2) When I was little I had an imaginary family. I imagined that I had family here in Belgium. And every time I walked to school I talked with my imaginary family-members.
Most kids just have an imaginary friend… I had an imaginary Family.

3) When I’m bored I like to drink a few Martini’s, put some make-up on and sing on Abba-song.
This really pisses off my roommates because I always end up very drunk and singing very loud. And every time I feel totally stupid, but this often cheers me up.

4) When I was young (I was 7 or 8 I think) I had a crush on Isabelle A (now Isabelle Adam). She was a child-star here in Belgium. But that crush ended when I went to her concert and she totally ignored me when she was handing out autographs. I was heartbroken for a year.

5) I hate it when people still call me Alex. I know there was a time that I didn’t want to be called Battal. But that was one hell of an identity-crisis. I was totally fucked-up at that time and I still don’t know what I was thinking when I took that name. But I’ve evolved and although I don’t say it; I really hate it when somebody still calls me Alex.

And nowit’s my turn to tag somebody!
this I’m gonna like!


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