so we didn’t manage to get to Turkey today :-s

but today the weirdest thing happened…
a girlfriend of mine wrote this on her own blog:

Whenever I see something I really like, I write ‘THIS IS NOT HAPPENING’ on the back of my hand. It’s keeps me in reality, while everyone else is living it up in paradise (speaking of which, I saw this girl today that really thinks the world is made of plastic, I wanted to slap her, but that’s totally besides the point).

I would like it if someone said to me that they love me. I wouldn’t believe it. Not even if they really, really ment it. I hate the word. ‘Love’. What is true love anyway? Is there somekind of proof that someone loves you? I don’t think so. And if there is, I want to see it. And I don’t mean circumstantial proof. Real proof. The kind you can touch.
I think you can be ‘in love’ though. That’s the feeling when it tickles right? Like the butterflies I’m having right now for this mystery guy? I guess. But I still don’t like it. It annoyes me. I don’t have time for this and I don’t want this. But I guess nobody can fight that feeling. For now, I’m having fun. Maybe within a week, that’ll be different. We’ll see. I’ll lay low.

(written on )

And this was exactly what i was dealing with (the love-part of course) :-s

freaky freaky freaky…
what’s next?
getting my period at the same time as hers? 😛
I love you girl!


2 responses to “HUH?

  1. Jaaaaaaaaaaaaa, lekker samen bloeden!
    Loef joe toe sjoe!!!

  2. whar?

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