Oh Father

Again we are on the run…
Today when I came home from wrk I noticed a car on the drive-way…
And when I wanted to open the frontdoor of my house… My father stepped out off the car!
I paniced and ran for my life!
I ran through the bushes! over fences!
The only thing I could think about was: I fooking have to fooking get fooking away from fooking here!
Fortunatly after 15 minutes of running I noticed that nobody was folowing me so I went to the place of a girlfriend of mine…
I will be staying at her place tonight… she has gone to get some stuff of mine at my place…
And tomorrow I wil be going to the country and stay there for the weekend…

I’m really, really scared….
I never thought he would be able to find me cause nearly nobody knows where exactly that I live…
And now after 3 years he has found me…

I’m again greatly fooked!


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